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Award-Winning Documentary on Women's Right's to Screen in (your city)

WHAT: A riveting new documentary, MOTHERHOOD by CHOICE, NOT CHANCE, will be shown on (the station name) TV, cable channel (number).

WHEN: (Day(s) of the week, date(s), time(s) the documentary will air) plus location if it is for an event.

DETAILS: This award-winning documentary, produced and directed by Dorothy Fadiman, traces the history of abortion rights through the present day struggle, with personal stories from those whose lives have been affected by the emotional, legal and medical issues surrounding the current controversy.

Honors for Fadiman include an Oscar nomination, an Emmy, and the CPB Gold Medal (Best Short Documentary from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting).

If you plan to broadcast a panel discussion following the film:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Immediately after the film, we will broadcast a discussion among invited local guests involving unrehearsed dialogue on a variety of issues that have relevance to this community.

PANELISTS: Our panelists will include (list names and credentials of panelists).

(Your station's standard closing paragraph for all press releases goes here.)

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